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Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack

Download WinRAR for Linux - WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. WinRAR supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ. The fcrackzip utility and wordlists are included by default in Kali to crack passwords for these compressed files. Because of their compact. MyLANViewer 4.23.0 Crack + Code File[Latest 2021] Free Download MyLanViewer Enterprise Crack is a simple LAN scanner for your home network.

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tr -d " -"
0800fc577294c34e0b28ad2839435945[email protected]:~$ echo -n "hash"
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WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when Registry mechanic ( lastest version ) crack serial keygen comes to compression, Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack. By consistently creating smaller archives, WinRAR is often faster than the competition. This will save you disc space, transmission costs AND valuable working time as well.


  • WinRAR supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip).
  • WinRAR is ideal for multimedia files, Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack. WinRAR automatically recognizes and selects the Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack compression method. The special compression algorithm compresses multimedia files, executables and object libraries particularly well.
  • WinRAR allows you to split archives into separate volumes easily, making it possible to save them on several disks for example.
  • WinRAR is also ideal, if you are sending data through the web, Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack. Its 128 bit password encryption and its authenticated signature technology will give you the peace of mind you have been looking for.
  • WinRAR is shareware, meaning you have the chance to thoroughly test it. The program can be used absolutely free of charge for 40 days!
  • WinRAR licenses are valid for all available language and platform versions. If you have purchased several licenses, you can even mix versions to meet your own personal needs.
  • WinRAR gives you all future UPDATES for FREE!

What's New:

  • ZIP SFX module refuses to process SFX commands stored in archive comment if such comment is resided after beginning of Authenticode digital signature. It is done to prevent possible attacks with inclusion of ZIP archive into the signature body. We already prohibited extracting contents of such malformed archives in WinRAR 6.01, Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack. We are thankful to Jacob Thompson - Mandiant Advantage Labs for reporting this issue.
  • WinRAR uses https instead of http in the web notifier window, home page and themes links. It also implements additional checks within the web notifier. This is done to prevent a malicious web page from executing existing files on a user's computer. Such attack is only possible if the intruder has managed to spoof or otherwise control user's DNS records. Some other factors are also involved in limiting the practical application of this attack. We would like to express our gratitude to Igor Sak-Sakovskiy for bringing this issue to our attention.
  • Where appropriate, SFX archive displays the additional line with detailed error information provided by operating system. For example, previously such archive would display "Cannot create file" message alone. Now this message is followed by a detailed reason like access denied or file being used by another process. In the past this extended error information was available in WinRAR, but not in SFX archives.
  • Switch -idn hides archived names also in 'v' and 'l' commands. It can be useful if only the archive type or total information is needed.
  • If -ibck -ri
  • When using "File/Change drive" command, WinRAR saves the last folder of previous drive and restores it if that drive is selected again later.
  • Name of unpacking file is now included into WinRAR incorrect password warning for RAR5 archives. It can be helpful when unpacking a non-solid archive containing files encrypted with different passwords.

Bugs fixed:

  • "Convert archives" command issued erroneous "The specified password is incorrect" message after succesfully converting RAR archive with encrypted file names if new password was set and archive was opened in WinRAR shell;
  • If command progress window was resized up and then quickly resized down to original dimensions, window contents could be positioned incorrectly.

Previous release notes:

  • Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut selects the entire text in WinRAR comment window.
  • If -idn switch is used together with -t or -df in console RAR when archiving, Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack additionally disables "Deleting
  • WinRAR and ZIP SFX module refuse to extract contents of ZIP SFX archives if ZIP central directory is resided after beginning of Authenticode digital signature. It is done to prevent possible attacks with inclusion of ZIP archive into signature body.

Bugs fixed:

  • "Convert archives" command could incorrectly convert Unicode comments in RAR archives.
  • if two archive information windows had been opened from Explorer context menu, the compression ratio bar in the first window could erroneously display a value for second archive. It did not affect the ratio and other text details at the right of window. Only the vertical bar at the left could be updated to a wrong value
  • if "Wait if other WinRAR copies are active" option was enabled in extraction dialog, "Waiting for another WinRAR copy" title was not set in command progress window while waiting
  • when extracting a symbolic link, previous versions did not overwrite existing symbolic links even if user requested it in overwrite prompt.

Version 6.00

  • "Ignore" and "Ignore All" options are added to read error prompt. "Ignore" allows to continue processing with already read file part only and "Ignore All" does it for all future read errors. For example, if you archive a file, which portion is locked by another process, Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack, and if "Ignore" is selected in read error prompt, only a part of file preceding the unreadable region will be saved into archive. It can help to avoid interrupting lengthy archiving operations, though be aware that files archived with "Ignore" are incomplete. If switch -y is specified, "Ignore" is applied to all files by default. Previously available "Retry" and "Quit" options are still present in read error prompt as well.
  • Exit code 12 is returned in the command line mode in case of read errors. This code is returned for all options in the read error prompt, including a newly introduced "Ignore" option. Previously more common fatal error code 2 was returned for read errors.
  • If several archives are selected, "Extract archives to" option group in "Options" page of extraction dialog can be used to place extracted Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack to specified destination folder, to separate subfolders in destination folder, to separate subfolders in archive folders and directly to archive folders. It replaces "Extract archives to subfolders" option and available only if multiple archives are selected.
  • New -ad2 switch places extracted files directly to archive's own folder. Unlike -ad1, it does not create a separate subfolder for each unpacked archive.
  • "Additional switches" option in "Options" page of archiving and extraction dialogs allows to speedify crack Archives WinRAR command line switches. It might be useful if there is no option in WinRAR graphical interface matching a switch. Use this feature only if you are familiar with WinRAR command line syntax and clearly understand what specified switches are intended for.
  • Compression parameters in "Benchmark" command are changed to 32 MB dictionary and "Normal" method. They match RAR5 default mode and more suitable to estimate the typical performance of recent WinRAR versions than former 4 MB "Best" intended for RAR4 format. Latest "Benchmark" results cannot be compared with previous versions directly. New parameters set produces different values, likely lower because of eight times larger dictionary size.
  • When unpacking a part of files from solid volume set, WinRAR attempts to skip volumes in the beginning and start extraction from volume closest to specified file and with reset solid statistics. By default WinRAR resets the solid statistics in the beginning of large Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack solid volumes where possible. For such volumes extracting a part of files from the middle of volume set can be faster now. It does not affect performance when all archived files are unpacked.
  • Previously WinRAR automatically resorted to extracting from first volume, when user started extraction from non-first volume and first volume was available. Now WinRAR does so only if all volumes between first and specified are also available.
  • Warning is issued when closing WinRAR if one or more archived files had been modified by external apps, but failed to be saved back to archive, because an external app still locks them. Such warning includes the list of modified files and proposes to quit immediately and lose changes or return to WinRAR and close an editor app. Previous versions issued a similar warning while editing a file, but did not remind it again when quitting.
  • "Move to Recycle Bin" option in "Delete archive" options group of extraction dialog places deleted archives to Recycle Bin instead of deleting them permanently.
  • New "Clear history." command in "Options" menu allows to remove names of recently opened archives in "File" menu and clear drop down lists with previously entered values in dialogs. For example, these values include archive names in archiving dialog and destination paths in extraction dialog.
  • "File time" options in "Advanced" part of extraction dialog are now available for 7z archives. Additionally to modification time, WinRAR can set creation and last access time when unpacking such archives.
  • ""New" submenu items" options group is added to "Settings/Integration/Context menu items." dialog. You can use these options to remove "WinRAR archive" and "WinRAR ZIP archive" entries in "New" submenu of Windows context menu. New state of these option is applied only after you press "OK" both in "Context menu items" and its parent "Settings" dialog.
  • It is possible to specify an additional high resolution logo for SFX module. If such logo is present, SFX module scales and displays it in high DPI Windows Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack, providing the better visible quality compared to resizing the standard logo. Use "High resolution SFX logo" in "Advanced SFX options" dialog to define such logo. In command line mode add second -iimg switch to set the high resolution logo. Recommended size of high resolution logo PNG file is 186x604 pixels.
  • If archive currently opened in WinRAR shell was deleted or moved by another program, WinRAR displays "Inaccessible" before archive name in the window title. Also it flashes the window caption and taskbar button.
  • "Total information" option in "Report" dialog Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack renamed to "Headers and totals". Now it also adds headers of report columns additionally to total information about listed files and archives.
  • If archive processing is started from Windows context menu in multiple monitor system, WinRAR operation progress and dialogs use the monitor with context menu. While basic multiple monitor support was present in previous versions shell extension for mouse driven commands, now it is extended to operations initiated from keyboard and to dropping files to archives.
  • New -imon
  • Switch -idn hides archived names output in archiving, extraction and some other commands in console RAR. Other messages and total percentage are not affected. You can use this switch to reduce visual clutter and console output overhead when archiving or extracting a lot of small files. Minor visual artifacts, such as percentage indicator overwriting few last characters of error messages, are possible with -idn.
  • Former "-im - show more information" switch is changed to "-idv - display verbose output" for consistency with console RAR -id[c,d,p,q] message control options and avoid a potential name conflict with newer -imon switch. While WinRAR still recognizes both -im and -idv, in the future -im support can be dropped.
  • It is allowed to add an optional %arcname% variable to compression profile name. Such variable will be replaced with actual archive name. It might be convenient when using with "Add to context menu" profile option. For example, you can create ZIP compression profile and set its name to "Add to %arcname%", to display it with actual ZIP archive name in context menu.
  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Ins keyboard shortcuts can be used in "Diagnostic messages" window to copy contents to clipboard.
  • More text is allowed in tray icon hint before a lengthy text is truncated. Also such text is now truncated in the middle of string, so both command type and completion percentage are still visible.
  • In case of clean install, if previous version compression profiles are not present, "Files to store without compression" field in newly created predefined compression profiles is set to: *.rar *.zip *.cab *.7z *.ace *.arj *.bz2 *.gz *.lha *.lzh *.taz *.tgz *.xz *.txz You can change this field and save a modified value to compression profile later. Previous versions set this field to blank for clean install.
  • Destination path history in extraction dialog treats paths like 'folder' and 'folder\' as Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack same path and displays only 'folder' entry. Previously they occupied two entries in the history.
  • "Enable Itanium executable compression" GUI option and -mci command line switch are removed. Optimized compression of Itanium executables is not supported anymore. WinRAR still can decompress already existing archives utilizing Itanium executable compression.

Bugs fixed

  • "Lock", "Comment" and "Protect" commands could not be applied to several archives selected in WinRAR file list at once
  • SFX archive process did not terminate after completing extraction in Windows 10 if archive comment included "Setup" and "SetupCode" commands, did not include "TempMode" command and setup program was running for more than 8 minutes
  • Compression profiles with quote character in profile name could not be invoked from Explorer context menu.

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tr -d " -" > md5hash.txt
[email protected]:~$ sudo john --format=Raw-MD5 md5hash.txt
Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (Raw-MD5 [MD5 256/256 AVX2 8x3])
Proceeding with single, rules:Single
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
Almost done: Processing the remaining buffered candidate passwords, if any.
Proceeding with wordlist:/usr/share/john/password.lst, rules:Wordlist
Password1 (?)
1g 0:00:00:00 DONE 2/3 (2020-10-03 10:49) 100.0g/s 384000p/s 384000c/s 384000C/s [email protected]#$%.Skippy
Use the "--show --format=Raw-MD5" options to display all of the cracked passwords reliably
Session [email protected]:~$ sudo john --format=Raw-MD5 md5hash.txt --show
?:Password11 password hash cracked, 0 left

It you want to cover the password of a ZIP or RAR archive you Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack do it as follows…

[email protected]:/home/kali# echo "example" > zip2john.txt[email protected]:/home/kali# zip -P pass zip2john.txt
adding: zip2john.txt (stored 0%)[email protected]:/home/kali# unzip
[] zip2john.txt password:
replace zip2john.txt? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, 1543one, [r]ename: y
extracting: [email protected]:/home/kali# zip2john > zip.hashes
ver 1.0 efh 5455 efh 7875 PKZIP Encr: 2b chk, TS_chk, cmplen=20, decmplen=8, [email protected]:/home/kali# cat zip.hashes$pkzip2$1*2*2*0*14*8*520964dd*0*46*0*14*5209*51b1*ca8bdb7527a441fd8253e355f715b5b2bd09bd8e*$/pkzip2$[email protected]:/home/kali# john zip.hashes
Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (PKZIP [32/64])
Proceeding with single, rules:Single
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
Warning: Only 2 candidates buffered for the current salt, minimum 8 needed for performance.
Warning: Only 3 candidates buffered for the current salt, minimum 8 needed for performance.
Warning: Only 4 candidates buffered for the current salt, minimum 8 needed for performance.
Almost done: Processing the remaining buffered candidate passwords, if any.
Warning: Only 1 candidate buffered for the current salt, minimum 8 needed for performance.
Proceeding with wordlist:/usr/share/john/password.lst, rules:Wordlist
pass (
1g 0:00:00:00 DONE 2/3 (2020-10-03 10:16) 50.00g/s 1105Kp/s 1105Kc/s 1105KC/s modem.robocop
Use the "--show" option to display all of the cracked passwords reliably
Session [email protected]:/home/kali# john zip.hashes --show
1 password hash cracked, 0 left

I created a plain text file containing the word “example”. I then created a ZIP archive with the password “pass”. I then ran “zip2john” to extract the ZIP hashes. I then run “john” on the hash file. The password “pass” was cracked in milliseconds.

You can do the exact same thing with RAR archives using “rar2john” which is also included with Kali Linux.

There are many other variants included with Kali Linux…

[email protected]:~# ls -la /usr/sbin Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack

Compression Software Archives - Kali Software Crack - remarkable, very

tr -d " -"


The hash is always the same for “hash”. That means if I use a password cracker which will find “hash” in milliseconds all that needs to be done is hash it and compare the hashes to confirm the password is indeed “hash”.

One option is to iterate through a large “wordlist” like “rockyou.txt” and generate a hashes version of it.

[email protected]:~$ for i in $(cat rockyoutop10.txt); do echo -n "$i" get All downloads

Источник: []

kimci86 / bkcrack Public

CI badgerelease badge

Crack legacy zip encryption with Biham and Kocher's known plaintext attack.


Precompiled packages

You can get the latest official release on GitHub.

Precompiled packages for Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows are available for download. Extract the downloaded archive wherever you like.

Compile from source

Alternatively, you can compile the project with CMake.

First, download the source files or clone the git repository. Then, running the following commands in the source tree will create an installation in the folder.

Arch Linux (unofficial)

An unofficial package bkcrack-git is available in AUR.

Install it with any AUR helpers you like.


Recover internal keys

The attack requires at least 12 bytes of known plaintext. At least 8 of them must be contiguous. The larger the contiguous known plaintext, the faster the attack.

Load data from zip archives

Having a zip archive with the entry being the ciphertext and with the entry as the known plaintext, bkcrack can be run like this:

Load data from files

Having a file with the ciphertext (starting with the 12 bytes corresponding to the encryption header) and with the known plaintext, bkcrack can be run like this:


If the plaintext corresponds to a part other than the beginning of the ciphertext, you can specify an offset. It can be negative if the plaintext includes a part of the encryption header.

Sparse plaintext

If you know little contiguous plaintext (between 8 and 11 bytes), but know some bytes at some other known offsets, you can provide this information to reach the requirement of a total of 12 known bytes. To do so, use the flag followed by an offset and bytes in hexadecimal.

Number of threads

If bkcrack was built with parallel mode enabled, the number of threads used can be set through the environment variable .


If the attack is successful, the deciphered data associated to the ciphertext used for the attack can be saved:

If the keys are known from a previous attack, it is possible to use bkcrack to decipher data:


The deciphered data might be compressed depending on whether compression was used or not when the zip file was created. If deflate compression was used, a Python 3 script provided in the folder may be used to decompress data.

Unlock encrypted archive

It is also possible to generate a new encrypted archive with the password of your choice:

The archive generated this way can be extracted using any zip file utility with the new password. It assumes that every entry was originally encrypted with the same password.

Recover password

Given the internal keys, bkcrack can try to find the original password up to a given length:


A tutorial is provided in the folder.

For more information, have a look at the documentation and read the source.


Do not hesitate to suggest improvements or submit pull requests on GitHub.


This project is provided under the terms of the zlib/png license.

Источник: []

+----[SHA256][email protected]:~$ sudo /usr/share/john/ /home/kali/.ssh/id_rsa > id_rsa.txt[email protected]:~$ cat id_rsa.txt
/home/kali/[email protected]:~$ sudo john --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt id_rsa.txt
Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (SSH [RSA/DSA/EC/OPENSSH (SSH private keys) 32/64])
Cost 1 (KDF/cipher [0=MD5/AES 1=MD5/3DES 2=Bcrypt/AES]) is 2 for all loaded hashes
Cost 2 (iteration count) is 16 for all loaded hashes
Note: This format may emit false positives, so it will keep trying even after
finding a possible candidate.
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
0g 0:00:05:18 0.02% (ETA: 2020-10-23 06:36) 0g/s 10.34p/s 10.34c/s 10.34C/s larisa
Session aborted

I’m not going to cover each of the “2john” tools but basically each one will have a process to extract the hash and then you will use “john” to crack it.

For more examples of how to use “john”, you can find them here.

Other password cracking tools included with Kali Linux which are worth looking into depending on your requirements. If this is an area of interest for you I recommend looking into these tools as well.

  • Medusa (“medusa”) — very fast at brute forcing remote services like SMB, HTTP, POP3, MSSQL, SSH v2, and many more.
  • Ncrack (“ncrack”)—very fast network authentication cracking tool which supports multiple protocols including SSH, RDP, FTP, Telnet, HTTP(S), Wordpress, POP3(S), IMAP, CVS, SMB, VNC, SIP, Redis, PostgreSQL, MQTT, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, WinRM, OWA, DICOM.
  • Ophcrack (“ophcrack”)—cracks Windows passwords with Rainbow tables.
  • Mimikatz (“minikatz”) — uses admin rights on Windows to display passwords in plaintext.
  • Chntpw (“sudo chntpw”) —change password of a user in a Windows SAM file, or invoke registry editor. Should handle both 32 and 64 bit windows and all version from NT3.x to Win8.1.
  • THC-ppt-bruter (“thc-pptp-bruter”) — this brute forcer tool works against PPTP VPN endpoints. It supports MSChapV2 authentication. Windows-Hack reuses the LCP connection with the same caller-id. This gets around MS’s anti-brute forcing protection. It’s enabled by default. It has been tested against Cisco and Microsoft end-points.
  • Rsmangler (“rsmangler”)— takes a wordlist and perform various manipulations on it similar to those done by John the Ripper the main difference being that it will first take the input words and generate all permutations and the acronym of the words (in order they appear in the file) before it applies the rest of the mangles..
Источник: []