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Mobile software Archives

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Many companies are making the shift and no longer talk about their data stack, company database or of their IT department as division within the company!Data is so core to businesses that it doesn’t make sense to think of the as a [...]Google Maps became the standard for online maps, it’s rare that a website wouldn’t link to Google’s Maps.However, last year Google hiked the prices, some increasing 150%, over a year later Google is at it again raising prices [...]Whats App is one of the world’s most popular chat services and if you’re concerned about privacy there is a lot that you can do to secure your experience.We’ve got a list of 6 things for you to check out, to maximize your [...]If you’re wondering how you get more people to swipe right on your profile, we’ve put together some helpful stats from independent studies and Tinder’s own usage data.The average Tinder user logs onto the app 11 times per day [...]There is an imbalance in voice assistant technology, Siri, Cortana and Alexa are all women.

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