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Music theory plugin Archives
I got the Idea for this torrent when I stumbled upon Jonathan Harnum's 'Basic Music Theory, How to Read, Write and Understand Music' while browsing my favortie newsgroup ( swept the usenets uncriticvally for every ebook I could find relating to the subject, weeded out the dupes and fakes, and wrapped it up.I haven't read even a percentage of it yet, so don't blame me if some of it's crap.I have skimmed quite a few of them, and there are great lessons to be had even for advanced academics; read Schoenberg's Fundamentals only if you are in a daring mood.However the complete basics are covered as well: both dummies' and complete idiots' guides are included. This is your starting point for finding out how to get the most out of your Loopmasters samples.Browse our selection of tutorials covering a range of topics from popular DAW tips, fundamental studio techniques, basic music theory tutorials, promoting your music, and making the most of your audio plugins. Frustratingly, the same errors crop up time and time again, and it’s these that separate the greats from the not-so-greats.Mastering can be the stage where the final layer of magic is applied, but mastering is always the stage where, if you haven't mastered the mix, problems will be ruthlessly exposed.Think of mastering like holding up a big magnifying glass to your tracks… What follows is a small list of the most common mix errors I see, how you can avoid them to go your best music mixing and give your mastering engineer the best possible chance of creating an awesome final product. Without doubt the biggest error I see is the low frequencies being pushed to a needlessly loud level.So let’s look at some useful music mastering tips and common mixing mistakes to avoid. This is a misguided practice for one main reason – overly loud bass eats up headroom and makes it harder to get a loud master.

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